Chantelle Benjamin

I let my past become Fuel, to shape my Future.

Meet Chantelle

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Mom|Wife|Caribbean|Entrepreneur. Hey! I'm Chantelle, I reside in North Carolina, I'm a Mother of 4 and I've been married to my high school sweet heart for the last 7 years. I am Jamaican-American. My mother migrated to Brooklyn, NY a few years before I was born. Being first generation American, I was able to travel between Jamaica and America for as long as I could remember.

I am a Certified Life Coach and Travel Agent. I spend most of my time traveling with my family, reconnecting with my husband and looking forward to raising my children into amazing adults. Being the Serial Entrepreneur that I am, I Also have a Life Coaching Practice. I teach Mothers who have experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse how to stop surviving and start thriving. Together we work on overcoming the effects the abuse had on their childhood which in turn helps to improve their relationships with their significant other and children. This has been something that I've personally succeeded at overcoming.

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